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Cocoa is growing like a weed!

I’m really proud of all of the growth and am trying, in vain, to keep up with it all. This is usually about the time when I find a barber to get that shit handled. However, I do want to see how well my hair thrives when I allow it to do so.

I plan, at some point, to come up with a suitable (non time consuming) regimen, I think I’ll do some perusing for the remainder of the week and then jump on the wagon on Saturday morning. **AH! I’ve also decided that my weeks now begin on Saturdays because, I really hate Mondays.**

For now, though, on the broke college kid budget, I’ve been washing with V05 and putting in chunky twists with Cantu shea conditioner. I know, glamourous! My boyfriend’s shampoo and drug store hair crack. I’ve read blogs where people rave about V05 and I’ve gotta say, I don’t really see it. To be completely honest, it doesn’t even get my hair that clean (this is OK because Cocoa doesn’t mind a little dirty).

Cocoa drinks any and everything like a boss so she really likes the Shea moisture. I don’t use too much at one time if I intend to go outside soon because it does flake up a little while it dries but I think it’s awesome. It smells good, isn’t gooey/ goopy at all and has a really nice grease-like consistency without being too oily. I read a post with a bad correlation to hair growth buuuut I’m not using Shea conditioning to help/make my hair grow, it’s a moisturizer. My hair can grow on its own.

The chunky twists twist-outs, surprisingly, Pooh loves. The other day at the peak of my boho chic-ness he almost jumped me. It was amazing. I know he’s conflicted because he’s 100 with everything that the fro and I in general stand for but he’s a bit standoffish about the actual fro and what being me actually means in terms of traditional gender/ relationship roles. Nonsequitur.

I need a regimen.


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